Pledge & Donate

Every donation, big or small, helps to make a difference. The Alzheimer Society issues tax receipts.

You have two ways to support Forget Me Not Hike:

1. Pledge

Make a pledge in support of the Forget Me Not Hike. Help keep Pati and Neil motivated by donating an amount per kilometer or mile hiked. Your pledge will be posted on their pledge wall, and you will make your donation when those 4265 km are complete!

Ready to submit your pledge? Email it to:

2. Donate Now

Make an immediate donation to the Forget Me Not Hike fundraising campaign (And yes! You can do this as often as you like!), in support of the Alzheimer Society. To do this, click on the link and follow the instructions:

donate now


Year Name Amount
2014 Lucille Worone * 2¢/km
2014 Peter Robinson 5¢/km
2013 Lindsay, Michael & Kai McWilliam * 7¢/km
2013 Dan & Lori McWilliam * 15¢/km
2013 Karen & Evan Roberts * 5¢/km
2013 Jane Roberts * 15¢/km
2013 Jane & Steve Mikalsky * 10¢/km
2013 Alicia, Alex & Jacques Savin * 5¢/km
2013 John and Wilma 't Hart * 10¢/km
2013 Debbi & Doug Smith * 5¢/km
2013 Lucille Worone * 2¢/km
2013 Jane & Steve Mikalsky (in memory of Miriam) * $100
2013 Emily Joyce * 7¢/km
2013 Jane & Steve Mikalsky (for Pati's Birthday) * $50
2013 Walter & Judy Bober * 5¢/km
2013 Mona Switzer * $100
2013 Karen Camarta & Steve Forbes (in honour of Grandpa's 90th!) 2¢/km

To date, $25,048 has been donated, and $298 has been pledged (but not yet donated).