Welcome Home Pati and Neil!!

Snowy tents in the morning

A trip that we can continue to follow into 2014! If you pledged a donation to the Forget Me Not Hike and did not receive a follow up email, read on to find out what is happening:

Dear Forget Me Not Hike Supporter,

As you have likely already heard, Pati and Neil have safely returned home. We are thrilled to have them back in Calgary, and are so proud of what they have accomplished. You may have also heard that they were unable to complete the final 210km of the trail, due to safety concerns. They tried to wait out the wettest September (this means snow high up!) on record for quite a while, but as evacuations of other hikers began on the trail, it became clear that Pati and Neil needed to readjust their plans to account for Mother Nature.

The good news! We get to follow Pati and Neil as they complete their journey next summer. Stay tuned… if you haven’t already ‘liked’ Forget Me Not hike on Facebook, or added their webpage to your favourites (http://forgetmenothike.ca), do so now to keep in touch.

We are so grateful for your pledge. As a supporter, you have three options:

  1. Make the donation for your pledge now, in anticipation of the hike being completed in full by Summer 2014. For those of you who know Pati personally, you know how determined she is. They will be making history of those last 210km in no time!
    If you choose this option, the kilometer count is 4265.
    You can make your donation through this page.
  2. Make the donation for your pledge for the kilometers actually completed. We will let you know when the remaining kilometers have been completed next summer.
    If you choose this option, the kilometer count is 4055, and you can make your donation through this page.
  3. Keep your pledge, and donate once the entire trail has been completed (Summer 2014).
    If you choose this option, you do not donate anything at this time, and we will contact you once the hikers complete the trail.

  4. More than anything, we want to thank you for your support and encouragement. Knowing how many people were following their journey certainly kept Pati and Neil’s spirits high throughout their many, many days on the trail. The people they have met, and those who have encouraged them along the way, will be the legacy that continues on long after this hike is completed.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. Also, if you have a moment to let us know which option you will be selecting, it will help us track the final donations as they come in.

    The Forget Me Not Hike Team